Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Toggle navigation Members 3686 posts Playing: Ragnarok … Item Set 4 - 9 Yellow Herb (from Yellow Plant Sograt Desert), 9 Worm Peeling (from Andre in Ant Hell), and 9 Shell (from Andre and Ant Egg in Ant Hell). Worm Peeling x 10 -- -- Item Set 4 -- --Sticky Mucus x 5 Earthworm Peeling x 10 Green Herb x 20 -- -- Item Set 5 -- --Yoyo Tail x 20 Iron Ore x 5 Blue Herb x 3 -- -- Item Set 6 -- --Solid Shell x 5 Shell x 20 Zargon x 5 -- -- Item Set 7 -- --Cyfar x 5 White Herb x 10 Yellow Herb x 10 : Not Applicable Set 6: Tooth of Bat x 3 Sticky Mucus x 1 Bear's Footskin x 1. Talk with Sherin again, who instructs you to meet another … Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Animal Skin. Mapas de respawn. Skin shedded from an insect. Solid Husk 65.00% Pincher of Beetle 45.00% Insect Feeler 10.00% Worm Peeling 5.00% Guard [1] 0.01% Beetle King Card 0.01%. From Ragnarok Project Zero wiki. Worm Peeling x9 Shell x9 Yellow Herb x9: Dokebi Horn x3 Piece of Egg Shell x3 Fluff x10: Venom Canine x3 Red Herb x5 Animal Skin x3: Set 5 Set 6 Set 7; Bill of Birds x3 Skel-bone x5 Green Herb x3: Tooth of Bat x3 Sticky Mucus x1 Bear's Footskin x1: Porcupine Quill x2 Yoyo Tail x1 Acorn x1 Item Set 5 - 3 Tooth of Bat (from Familiar in Payon Cave), 1 Sticky Mucus (from Zombie or Poporing in Payon Cave),and 1 Bear's Footskin (from Bigfoot in Payon … Number of queries executed: 3.3. That's a free way to get a free potion. Set 3: Dokebi Horn x 3 Piece of Egg Shell x 3 Fluff x 10. Stay how many hours you want. Database Favorites; Achievements; Characters; Exp; Item ... 955 Worm_Peelings. This quest or instance has a 30 minutes cooldown period. Worm Peeling x 9 Shell x 9 Yellow Herb x 9. Weight: 1. Fishing Event Requirements Base Level: None Item (s) (Consumed): Various bait 1x Iron 1x Barren Trunk 1x Cobweb: Item (s) (Not Consumed): Fishing Rod OR Small … Insect Peeling - Skin shedded from an insect. This video is about FARMING inside the Gold Room with basic equipment and CARDS. Project Info Interface Classes Professions Clans and Guilds Achievements Pet … Sell price 19 zeny: Weight: 1: Type: Etc. Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is an innovative, retelling of the classic Ragnarok Online story. OriginsRO Control Panel — Copyright © 2008-2017 dotalux — Based on FluxCP for Hercules.. Daenggie. 150 Worm Peeling 3.4 Trouble at the Coal Mine: 4 : Man: mjolnir_02 (87, 357) Bring him the item: 50 Lantern; Quest List 4. You also can change Worm Peeling to Red Potion. This quest or instance can be repeated. 9 Worm Peeling 9 Shell 9 Yellow Herb: Set 3 3 Horn 3 Poison Spore 10 Fluff: Set 4 3 Venom Canine 5 Red Herb 3 Animal Skin: Set 5 3 Bird's Bill 5 Skeleton Bone 3 Green Herb: Set 6 3 Tooth of Bat 1 Sticky Mucus 1 Bear's Footskin: Set 7 2 Porcupine Quill 1 Monkey Tail 1 Acorn: 4. I owe nothing except my muses. 50 ea. Set 7: Porcupine Quill x 2 Yoyo Tail x 1 Acorn x 1.
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