There is no cure for polycystic ovary syndrome, but there are lifestyle and medical treatments to deal with the symptoms. But shivlingi is most famously known for its fertility boosting properties. I start this on 8 the day of my periods as I still has low flow. Can you tell me how long do I have to use the medicine and how soon do I see the results? Kalarchikai is Fever nut in English. Shivlingi Beej (Seed) is a natural ayurvedic herb that is used for the sterility treatment. If so, can u suggest me some medicine to conceive? It is a uterine tonic and improves the chances … God bless you guys. So should I continue with vitex and dong quai, I did hsg test, and the result showed that I have one blocked tube, please what remedy will I use to open it, thank you. I am 34 now has pcos since one child after continuous allopathy treatment.while trying for baby someone asked me to try aloevera for correcting periods.i took only for 2 weeks which leads me to testosterone dominance from oestrogen dominance fibrocystic breast and got 20 mm fibroid. It reduces the pelvic congestion and is good to treat Uterine Fibroid, Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst. It may be taken regularly to get beneficial results. Can u suggest a better herbal medicine to make it regular naturally.. And can i take the herbal medicine when i am already taking the allopathic medicine suggested by gynecologist. I am suffering with pcod I don't carve for sugar .married last year my weight is 73 kgs and height is 5" 3 .want to conceive so took treatment used ovagrace sachets,glycomet and follic acid tablets .done hsg everything was normal .but no positive results. But I am fair now n always in appropriate weight never overweight. I have irregular periods for the past two years. Thus, it could be a huge issue for married women for whom the societal pressure to conceive is high. Become a, Shivlingi seeds for pregnancy and fertility, A Clinical Round up of the Female Infertility Therapy Amongst Indians. The fertility boosting benefits of shivlingi seeds aren’t just restricted to females but it is known to be equally effective for men. I have not gotten pregnant in my 29 yrs. Before learning about the keto diet, she had experimented … She was not fat,not fair and used to lick chalks and walls.she don't carve for sugary products. It stimulates the menstrual cycles. I hope these all because of estrogen dominance. Thanks for the quick reply. Thanks. I diagnosed with ovarian cyst in my right ovary 3 years ago. The liver eliminates the toxins from the body and balances the hormones. I bought the sarsaparilla tincture ,just tell me, do I have to take empty stomach? We tried kodampulli, and some other herbs to shed weight and to normalise her mensural cycle. I want remedy for conceiving.. My name is Christina and I am 37 years old and have a tumor on my pituritary gland. Girl don’t play, I have no idea when she’ll show up and neither do you." I’m hypothyroid for past 3 years. I have pcod since i was 14.There are cyst in my ovaries. My only ask and request is that please advise me what needs to be done in such a situation. no history of proper menstruation. That's the only thing I can more thing I want to mention , when I took 1dose of calacarea carb, exactly after one. One Year of Keto for PCOS: A Case Study & Success Story. I m 29 yr old married woman since 5 years.I m suffering from PCOD since 4.5 yrs my height is 5ft my weight is 76.I not conceiving .My period is also not on regular time and also i have very low flow for only 2-3 days my ovaries are bulky. Thank you Shobha. Were you born Fat, Fair and Flabby? Repeat the process for 1 month. Yes I do have PcoD, I am Arab from country I am married from past three years I am not conceiving I have pcos problem in both ovaries I have 4cm cyst plz help me, Hii...i m siva ranjani i hve pcod problem after marriage only i find this problem.i am marriage from past 1 year what r the solution to clear the this problem.say siddha medicine pls help me. Ayurvedic treatment for block Fallopian tubes: Hi All, My doctor has told me that my left tube has hydrosalpinx for right she is not sure , before going for lapro, IUI or IVF,I wanted to know that is there any ayurvedic treatment availabe for this problem. She gets periods only if she takes any pills. I have read about manjankani herb you are doing great job in helping people. PCOS is due to the Kapha blocking Vata and Pitta, hence movement is obstructed and the transformation process is suppressed. Take it for 1 month. But sir from 2 months onwards am using some naturopathic tablets like rajpravarthini,ovarian capsule,arshantak vati,amycordial,profert f,feroliv forte,hyponidd etc.which were recommended by naturopathic specialist though am using them since 2 months but still i did not get any period and the tablets contain most of the ingredients which u have suggested what should i do now? For a more detailed explanation, take a look at the figure below: 1. since i dont get asparagus plant in my area. I had regular period. Im 29 years old n 3 years married. You may get the tincture from a Homeopathy shop. Save big on your family healthcare expenses. It provides nourishment to the female organs and support normal functioning. Take half tsp of it twice a day with Milk. It is a natural remedy for the treatment of female infertility. Then to reduce my weight. I have very low flow wich disappear in 2 days of my period. This advice is for educational purpose only. It has also been in use as a health building tonic in some traditional therapies. But we could not succed. And how shall I use it? Please help me and reply me as soon as possible.. I am 30 years old, kindl6 suggest me some medicines to get pregnant and to overcome pcod. Please advise as I want to loose weight and get rid of pcod. I was a healthy weight before treatments and operations but now weigh 20kg more. Can you please tell me 4 pellets how many times I have to take?once a week or once a month? So, it is highly advisable to ask your ayurvedic doctor before taking shivlingi as an anti-pyretic. yeah but I am confused should I start taking it or not ? Can i consume both kalarchikai powder and apple cider vinegar together? I can't control my weight gain. I have pcos.i have irregular menstral weight is 75 kg. Im planning for baby too. Hii, am 26 years old ,with 41 kgs having left ovary simple cyst and prolactin levels are high, M suffering from ovarine cyst that is painfull too but pain is getting lessr with tym from last 8 month along with irregular periods of size rt 3.9*3.7 kindly advice me what to do, Hi.. Iam suffering from pcos and irregular periods for about 6 yrs.. And Morehead my periods will come only after the consumption of meprate english medicine.. Later on I took kalarchikai ( fever nut) along with pepper and mixed with honey daily meng in empty stomach half ahour beforebreeeakfast actually it was said tht it has to be consumed for 48 days but I got my periods on 30 th days of its consumption.. Do I ae to continue for 48 day so and whether it is safe to continue on periods.. Is tht any issue on taking this on periods.. Kindly reply me as soon as possible.. My age 20..andwithout taking english medicine this time I got periods after 4 months with the consumption of fever nut ( kalarchikai).. Pls reply me. It's not my product it's a medicine which helped me to get pregnant. I have Pcod when I was studying in 9th standard... Am married for one year... Am not able to conceive due to cyst... Can I conceive with Pcod..? Recent in vitro (lab-based) studies suggest the potential anticancer effects of shivlingi leaves on human cancer cells. Then I got periods in 48th day only. I crave for sugar sometimes not egg n milk. But, it still remains one of the top anti infertility herbs in Ayurvedic and folk medicines. I have PCOS and i experience irregular periods, slight facial hair, I have normal body weight never been fat. I will let u know.. thanks for the quick reply.. Sir, does it cures bartholin cyst. Due to which I am scared to do any such experiments on my own. The ideal adult dosage of shivlingi seeds is 1-2 grams per day. Hai charu I do have the same problem which u hv listed ..I too hv same problems have found any cure after trying the medicines prescribed here. I have been consuming kalarchikai for days.. But shivlingi is most famously known for its fertility boosting properties. I m 75 kg and 5 feet height. Endometrail thickness 16mm.T3 0.77.Random blood glucose 116mg.please suggest me herbal treatment. Is there any medicine to cure hydrosalpinx and to get conceive naturally. Hey Thank you for the response. I previously used clomid with helped regulate my period but conception has still not happened in the 5 years of trying. Let us talk about some health benefits of shivlingi that have been established by scientific research. For women who still conceive with PCOS, there are higher chances of miscarriages, gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced blood pressure, preeclampsia, premature delivery etc. Please advice. I am suffering from PCOS for 15 years and trying to conceive for 3 years.Have sugar cravings for few days in a month. How does this work? One left kidney removed due to uti 8 years back and also left fallopian tube cut due to hydrosalphinx 3 years back. Yes I was born fair n fat but not that much. Shivlingi Putrajiva शिवलिंगी / पुत्री या पुत्रजीवा प्रजनन क्षमता बढ़ाये, स्त्रि रोगों में सहायक एवं लिवर, श्वसन, पाचन तंत्र, … Shall I continue this remedy. It reduces the ovarian pain associated with Ovarian Cysts. Hi herb pathy team,can I take non alcoholic extract of sarsaparilla (glycerine based).is it effective .thank you so much. Shivlingi Beej - शिवलिंगी बीज - Bryonopsis laciniosa - Bryonopsis laciniosa. Can i buy herbs from you which cn regulate my menses and help me to concieve, is bonduc nut good for treating or clearing multiple intramural fibroids. thyroid tests were normal which i took some months ago. Yes I crave for sugar, eggs and milk. We have forwarded your query to the specialist. Kapha having the first affected the digestive fire, jathara agni starts to affect the metabolic aspect of the seven tissues of dhatu agni. I have taken soft drinks like coke etc occasionally but reduced taking it for past two years. Studies suggest that a mixture of shivlingi seeds, jaggery and tulsi is used for alleviating the problem of infertility in females. Have you ever got any diagnosis done to check the problem? I am having fatty liver too. Can I continue Bonduc nut again ? However, PCOS is 100% treatable with changes in diet and lifestyle. Probiotics. When a patient is diagnosed with PCOS, a handful of doctors will automatically jump to weight loss as a treatment option. My daughter is 19 years old. I have no desire for sex, facial hair, anemia, sugar craving, ate chalk when I was little, and trying to convince. I am overweight 75 kg with all the symptoms of pcod. I was taking that pills about 8-9 months but when I quited taking those pills again my periods are irregular without medicine 4 months no periods. I am 32 years now, still suffer PCOD, I had this problem since the begining i.e. At the end of the study period, 94.6 % of the PCOS/PCOD patients taking Ayurvedic herbal preparations showed clinically significant improvements in their condition. This might in part confirm the fertility boosting benefits of shivlingi seeds. Now 37 years age with regular 3 days periods only but with severe lower abdominal pain and tail bone pain and shock like radiating pain in my pelvic area. A review article published in IOSR's International Journal of Applied Chemistry suggests that shivlingi seeds help normalize the menstrual cycle in females with less blood flow. Land Caltrops ( Gokhuru ) aids the ovulation and stimulates the regular menses. I am suffering from PCOS also. Please explain your ailment for assistance. After taking, I got regular for 2 months but now again I don't get period for more than two months hcg negative , I am taking cinnamon also from past two months, am in dubai, I have kalatchikkai with me, if I start taking will it get cure. Right now iam taking apcod obis.. please suggest me any herb to reduce pcos and get pregnant. 23 Pictures That Show The Reality Of Living With PCOS "You learn to ignore the 'expected period' function on tracking apps. Dehydroepiandrosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate Does this test have other names? I bought it from Sidha medical shop. Thank you, but I have looked for these seeds in my area, I didn't find them, any other alternative for me to take. Expert's Advice (Dr.George):-Dear sister, Weight is a constant problem among the women those who suffer poly cystic ovarian disease.It is the hormonal imbalance which is happening inside you causes weight gain. Generally, a paste of shivlingi leaves is applied on the skin to reduce the severity of inflammation. Plz suggest me best. I got married 2 years ago and i am suffering from pcos, my weight is 85 and height is 5ft 4inch. I don’t blame my parents for introducing me to some of my worst nutritional habits. ]. Hi I have pcos. I've talen chaste berry and maca root but does not help with my irregular bleeding. A Scientific Review on Shivlingi Beej (Bryonopsis Laciniosa): Amystrical Ethno-Medicine for Infertility, Folk lore uses and Preliminary Phytochemical Investigation on Leaves, Seeds Extract of Diplocyclos palmatus (L.) C.Jeffrey, Anti-diabetic effects of ethanol extract of Bryonia laciniosa seeds and its saponins rich fraction in neonatally streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats, Shivlingi Seeds (beej) Benefits, Uses and Side effects. shivlingi beej benefits, patanjali shivlingi beej benefits, shivlingi beej for baby boy, shivlingi beej ke fayde, benefits of divya shivlinig beej, shivlingi seed benefits in hindi, shivlingi seed, putrajivak beej, ladka paida karne ka tarika, how to get baby boy, how to get pregnant, I am taking kalarchikai with pepper in 4:1 ratio. plz advice me i want to get pregnant and i also have likoria problem. metformin were prescribed by doctor. This is the only medicine I rely on. This might point to a tonic like effects of shivlingi seeds on the uterine tissues. I would like to help u for ur PCOD problem I have natural herbs wich will help you to get perganant fast and easy with in 3 months 100% guaranteed I have helped lots of ladies and they have benefited with this medicine if interested cal me 7996848196, Hi Jaya I hav PCOS problem for past 5years eagerly waiting to conceive marriedsince 6years will u help me in natural medicine, Hi Mags I will help u can call me on 7975757119. Kindly tell me when the tablet is to be taken ( i.e., before/after food )? I have poly cystic ovary from 3 years. I am 28 years old married woman since 4 years. Scan was taken some 1 year back., [Note: You are requested to write correct English only. Disclaimer: Information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Its like I have some fat around my waist always. sorry for the change of my number 9986794517 jaya please call me for anything regarding PCOD problem .... i will help. My age is 20. Now 45 days I m bleeding. Please first regulate your Mensis, If you want I can help you. I have pcod since 2 year and TSH 7.0 is littel high trying to conceive from last 1 year but not successful even once. PCOS is a complicated condition. To give you a better idea of what is possible when you make this switch, we asked Beth to share her PCOS success story with us. Thanks a lot for the response.. Is shatavari advisable for fibrocycstic breast condition. Thank you, Hi myself Umarani aged 44 years. Two months back ur team suggested to take that for my pcos and obesity problem. For PCOS: i have pcos..and irregular periods....which wil cure my pcos?how to get my periods regularly?please suggest what to eat?and dont eat? My daughter (21) has ovarian cysts - and she has very painful menses eventhough she takes the pill. So, it is always advisable that you talk to your ayurvedic doctor to know the right way of taking shivlingi seeds. DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) supplements are widely used for improving fertility related problems in both males and females. Do I have to buy tincture or capsules. Please help us to get out of this . I take Haridra Khand 3 GM & Kachanaar Guggulu of Unjha 250 mg thrice with warm water. Apple Cider Vinegar ( Seb Ka Sirka in India ) controls blood sugar and excessive production of Insulin. hello,am taking naturopathic medicine but my problem is very having pcod since 10 years now am 26 i never got my period without doing any trial since childhood my weight is 60 and height 5.3 i will maintain myself alot will do exercise like speed walk and pranayamam for 1 hour but still not getting period. But since past two months I m late on my periods and even my sugar level increased. Disclaimer: All information and articles available on this site are for educational purposes only. Now filter the liquid and drink it twice a day. Its botanical name is Putranjiva Roxburghii and commonly known as Putrajeevak, Putranjiva, Jiyopota, Jivaputrak. Shivlingi seed is known for ages to be used for the infertility treatment. It balances the blood glucose in the body and treats PCOS. i'm 24 year old i'm married and want to get pregnant .but i'm suffering from PCOD from 7 years i dont get my periods until i take contraceptive pills please help me. I'll be very thankful, Hi, I am not aware what ingredients that kalarchikai contains. But not get good result. i am a married girl from 3 years.i have problem with egg. My egg is not developing. Will you ask us to buy any of your product or any direct remedies support? Many times I affected by very long periods more than a month. Dear Sir, I am Jeya. I have PCOD pbm and taking tablets daily as per the doctor suggestion.. .