Flea Protection Collar with Essential Oils for Pets – apply a few drops of diluted cedar oil on the outer side your pet’s collar. Our first choice for the best essential oil for fleas is Fab … If your dog needs medical assistance, please reach out to your veterinarian immediately. Forever. Lemongrass Essential Oil, Basil Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil: Basil, thyme and lemongrass oils can all be diluted and sprayed on a dog’s skin to function as a repellent, but should not be directly applied topically. Clove essential oil is acquired from the dried flower buds through steam distillation. It won’t damage furniture or bedding, and it has a lovely scent, too! But that’s not the only advantage. So, not only will using this essential oil help to kill and prevent fleas, but it will also make your pup smell wonderful! Stay. Like all of the other products we’ve listed, this is made of natural ingredients that are highly effective for protecting against pests. To skip straight to the recommended essential oils for dog fleas and ticks, click “Great essential oils to repel fleas and ticks for dogs” in the table below. Pennyroyal oil, from a plant that is a member of the mint family, is one of the oldest known anti-flea remedies. Essential oils can also treat a dog that already has fleas. Whether you have a Mastiff, German Shepherd, Corgi, Doberman Pincher, Great Dane, Scottish Terrier, Pug, English Bulldog, or a pure-bred mutt, you want to ensure that you are providing the furriest family member with the best care possible. Last update on 2020-09-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. This natural flea and tick control treatment contains spring water, peppermint, spearmint, lemongrass, clove, cedar, and lemon eucalyptus. Some owners even want to know if they can switch to using peppermint oil for dogs to kill fleas and ticks instead of veterinary preventives. However, some essential oils can be applied to … Obviously, the biggest benefit of using essential oils is that they can be highly effective for treating fleas. There are absolutely no harsh chemicals, including dyes or perfumes, and there aren’t any pesticides, either. In fact, there have been a lot of complaints lately about how ineffective traditional flea treatments for dogs are becoming. Not only can constantly reapplying flea treatments become expensive, but it can also be dangerous for your pup. Citronella oil is also known for its insect-repelling abilities, don’t use those chemical-filled store-bought citronella candles though. Here’s a look at several other benefits of using essential oils on your dog: Our goal is to provide you with a selection of the very best products for your pups. Peppermint Essential Oil. Final Verdict: The all natural, organic ingredients are high quality, the smell is lovely, and it appears to be effective. When mixed with water, these powerful substances derived from plants provide a non-toxic method of keeping fleas away. Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a natural flea and tick control product that can also provide several other health benefits, than Sit. Animals are generally more sensitive to essential oils than humans are. 1. It is specially formulated specifically for dogs and cats, so you know that it is safe to use. Flea bites cause skin irritation, itching and hot spot to your dog, moreover, they can easily hide in your furniture, carpets, rugs, and every part of your house, which makes getting rid of fleas a hard task. Stay. The principal element of clove oil, eugenol, may be used as a powerful mechanism against fleas. It not only killed and prevented fleas, but it also kept ticks at bay. Ticks are naturally scared of essential oils. Not only it will keep ticks and fleas away, but Citronella oil is very effective on a species of mosquito known as Aedes Aegypti whose bite causes the dreaded yellow fever. This brings us to essential oils for fleas. Read how we support our site through affiliate commissions at no cost to you. They look for their prey by picking up their scent, and essential oils don't only mask the scent of a dog or a cat, they also help in driving away these obnoxious pests. You don’t want to run the risk of harming your furry friend. Most commercial flea sprays are made with harmful chemicals… Fleas are real troublemakers and one great solution to get rid of them is by using essential oils for fleas on dogs. Fleas hate essential oils! See more ideas about essential oils for fleas, essential oils dogs, essential oils. When you think of citronella oil, you probably picture a candle burning on a humid summer’s evening keeping mosquitoes at bay. What essential oils are good for fleas and ticks on dogs? Peppermint is an excellent oil that repels fleas and smells good too. While essential oils smell pleasant to us, for little fleas … It’s completely free of synthetic ingredients, and is safe to use on a daily basis. If your pup is anxious, using essential oils on him can treat fleas and calm him down at the same time. Comprised of organic neem oil, coconut oil, organic raw and unfiltered red apple vinegar, rose geranium, grapefruit, sweet orange, Ylang Ylang, and Eucalyptus essential oils, this product offers nothing but natural! It is often used to deter fleas or to fight allergies. All of their products are 100 percent pure, and sourced from high quality plants. Lemongrass oil is one of the best essential oils for fleas on dogs, it also repels ticks and mosquitoes due to its high citral and geraniol content; it can also be used to kill fleas and cures itching in dogs. After all, a dog is more than just a pet; he’s a member of your family! We know how important your pet is to you; our pets are just as important to us, too! – Standard options contain chemicals that fleas have actually started to grow immune to. Start with food; you may be feeding your dog something that he is allergic to, which in result, weakens the immune system and expose your dog to be the perfect host for fleas. Oil pet the dog with a rag sprayed with cedarwood/cedar oil solution or use your hands to rub the cedarwood oil into the dog’s fur. There are various flea treatments for dogs on the market; most of them contain harmful toxins and chemicals; that’s why dog owners are looking for safer and natural flea remedies and treatments. Unlike the harsh chemicals that traditional flea treatments use, essential oils for fleas on dogs are made of natural ingredients. Stay. While some users said that they found it was ineffective, it’s likely that they didn’t follow instructions. Finally, our last pick for the best essential oil for dog fleas is Noble Pet Shield Me Insect Defense with Essential Oils. Despite their effectiveness, using essential oils for fleas on dogs alone is not enough to get rid of fleas, you should also consider using other flea and tick prevention products for dogs. There’s something else that you don’t want to forget about when you’re thinking about the products that your furry friend is going to need; and that’s flea treatment. Some essential oils are considered helpful for repelling both ticks and fleas, while others are considered helpful for just one or the other. A dog with a healthy coat and a robust immune system is a bad host for fleas, so if your dog is infested with these parasites, you may need to take an in-depth look into the overall health of your pooch. Essential oils are oily substances that come in tiny little bottles. When you first thought about adopting or purchasing your pooch, you probably put a lot of effort into researching the very best products: a durable dog crate; a comfortable dog bed; a spacious dog house; a secure dog playpen, and a large outdoor dog kennel. To see if essential oils are right for your dog, especially if they have underlying medical issues, we recommend consulting with a licensed veterinarian. Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide found in flea and tick products that acts as an … Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Chewy. The best oils to use for this are: Using essential oils to fight against fleas is an effective alternative to expensive chemicals, pills, collars, and sprays. However, if your dog has sensitive skin, you might want to check with your veterinarian before using. It’s best to heavily dilute essential oils and use them in moderatio… Depending on the oils you use, they can keep other pests away, too. The leaves, small branches and roots of the eucalyptus plant are used to extract the essential oils. And those aren’t the only things that you made sure that had the best of the best of; you likely put a great deal of effort into finding the most comfortable dog collar and dog harness, the best quality dog food to meet your pooch’s nutritional needs (whether it’s dry dog food, wet dog food, senior dog food, or dog food for allergies), and a dog bowl that he can comfortably eat out of. It is suggested to pair it with citronella oil as an all-purpose bug repellent. The Best 5 Vacuums For Fleas (2020 Review), Dog pollen allergy: Best Treatment And Prevention, Best 5 Healthy Low Fat Dog Treats For Pancreatitis, 10 Most Delicious Peanut Butter Dog Treats In 2020. It can help to strengthen his immune system and improve the health of his skin and coat, too! Essential Oils for Fleas on Dogs, Cats, and Pets at Home Citronella Essential Oil. There are some general tips and suggestions you’ll want to keep in mind as you share essential oils with your furry friends. Killing Fleas With Isopropyl Alcohol, Is It Safe ? How to Use One of the most popular and refreshing u… Noble Pet Shield Me Insect Defense with Essential Oils, Buyer’s Guide to the Best Essential Oils for Dog Fleas, Other Benefits of Using Essential Oils for Fleas, How We Chose the Best Essential Oils for Dog Fleas, Essential Oils for Dog Fleas Review Conclusion, EnduraPet Herbal Flea and Tick Spray for Pets, Sit. As mentioned, these products contain chemicals, and those chemicals can be harmful to a dog. Lavender oil is a soothing and calming oil to help heal sore inflamed areas, burns or wounds. The scent is quite pleasing, too! This essential oil is extracted from the cedarwood trees using a process that involves proprietary steam distillation. Most essential oils are safe to use on dogs; however, there are some that can actually have adverse effects. One of the best oils for eliminating fleas is cedar oil, as it will not only repel these pesky insects but actually kill them. Many pet owners prefer using essential oils for fleas on dogs over flea medications to get rid of fleas; the oils are natural and aren’t toxic to your four-legged companion or family members when applied rightly. If you apply more product during that time period, your dog could be in serious risk of danger. This powerful essential oil for fleas on dogs has a wide range of beneficial properties including being an antiseptic for the lungs and an expectorant for coughs like a kennel cough. The bottom line: if you want to kill and/or prevent an infestation of fleas on your dog, you might want to consider giving essential oils a try. We also found the scent to be very pleasing; however, the sense of smell is unique to each person. This is by no means a complete list of oils that can help us in our fight fleas on our dogs. This mixture is formulated with several essential oils, including cinnamon, lemongrass, sesame, and caster oils, all of which have been sourced from Brazil. I may on occasion see one flea, but that’s way better than the dozens I used to find otherwise before incorporating this spray into our routine. The fact that it’s 100 percent natural is a definite plus, and found that it was highly effective. EnduraPet Herbal Flea and Tick Spray for Pets, 4. 3 Essential Oils For Flea and Tick Repellent. With that said, we wanted to ensure that we chose the best essential oils for fleas possible. It’s important to understand that dogs and cats are much more sensitive to essential oils than humans are. It may also help eliminate dandruff strength, kidney function, and it can be used as a general calming tonic, especially for nervous aggression. The distinctive aromatic odor is associated with cleanliness and many pet owners turn to it to repel fleas. While there are a lot of flea treatments on the market, many of them contain harsh chemicals. Sit. Essential oils can be quite effective in repelling fleas and ticks, and some of these oils can also help in eliminating these troublesome critters. It’s active ingredient (citral and geraniol) acts as… What Essential Oils. 2. It’s also deet free, and it won’t leave a sticky residue behind. Recently, more people have been noticing that essential oils have significant applications, such as repelling fleas and even killing these annoying little parasites. It wont kill fleas by its topical application but it can convince fleas to leave a pet host and stay away from your house.