Fuel Pulsation Damper: 16 ft lbs, Engine Stiffener Bolt Wiper Blade. 6PCS Iridium Spark Plugs by CENTAURUS, Part IZFR5K11 3657 9807B-5517W Spark Plug Replacement For Honda Odyssey Pilot Ridgeline Acura Mdx Saturn Vue 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 $24.99 $ 24 . Spark Plug Removal. 226. I changed the oil and filter and did the rear diff VTM-4 fluid since it was due. Added February 20th, 2010 . Does anyone have handy the torque setting that should be used when changing the spark plugs on a 2005 ... 2010 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/RES: 112K Miles. …Max variation between cylinders: 28 psi, Cyl Oil Pressure(warm engine) …i4: 12 Degrees +/-2 BTDC in Park or Neutral Q&A TOP. …i4: vacuum hose attached: 38-46 psi JavaScript is disabled. Tightening torque: 13 lbf.ft (18 N.m,1.8 kgf.m) Tighten the spark plugs carefully. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Average repair cost is $100 at 45,500 miles. Engine Firing Order I'm at 121k now. Can't find the part you are looking for? J30-J32-J35 Honda V6/I4 J-Series Torque Specs CYLINDER HEAD V6 J30-J32-J35 & I4 TORQUE SPECS Cylinder Head Stud Bolts: Step 1: 29 ft lbs Step 2: 51 ft lbs Step 3: 72.3 ft lbs Camshaft thrust plate bolt: 16 ft lbs Camshaft sprocket bolts: 43 ft lbs Intake manifold nuts/bolts: 16ft lbs Be less specific. Order Spark Plug for your 2010 Honda Pilot and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. …Standard: 178 psi ….i4: 650-750rpm …i4: 10mm bolt: 33 ft lbs Example: water pump. Honda Ridgeline Owners Club, forum community to discuss reviews, accessories, performance, care, mods, and more. 2010 CRF250R motorcycle pdf manual download. . 2010 Honda Pilot Spark Plug A 2010 Pilot spark plug is one of the most crucial ignition components, as it uses electric current to combust gas and rev the engine in turn. LESS THEN 500 REMAINING! This weekend, I "winterized" my truck again. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Content on ridgelineownersclub.com is generated by its users. Every Honda Pilot is powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that delivers an impressive 250 hp and 253 lb.-ft of torque. JUST SIGNUP AND CLAIM IT. Finding the right Spark Plugs for your 2010 Honda Pilot just got a whole lot easier with Advance Auto Parts. I didn't think it was necessary to use a torque wrench since I'd never had any issues with any other vehicles by just tightening them all by hand to what I thought was proper tightness. 100% NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Find detailed specifications and information for your 2010 Honda Element. 66. Yup. I thought it was suggested that you check the plugs in that thread. This electrode material is necessary for proper operation, and if it is worn, the vehicle may stall, struggle to … TruCool LPD4544 Cooler, Weathertech's, OEM Fog ... Torque is one of the most critical factors in spark plug installation. Even after 35k miles and over three years, the rear diff fluid still looked new. Price: Alternate: No parts for vehicles in selected markets. Spark Plug Wire Retainer / Clip. This replacement should be the same for the 2005-2015 model Pilots. 67. Start by installing the spark plug by hand. …i4: 12mm bolt: 47 ft lbs Overtightening can cause damage to …v6: vacuum hose attached: 32-40 psi (If you do not have a torque wrench, tighten the spark plug two-thirds of a turn after it contacts the cylinder head.) Yet another reason to use a torque wrench and no anti-seize on your plugs! The anti seize grease is probably what got them loose, I pulled mine, I don't even trust the HB t wrench I used because it barely clicked when I tighten them at 14 lbs, no issues since then just like before the checking. JUST SIGNUP AND CLAIM IT. A spark plug that is too loose can overheat and damage the engine. ridgelineownersclub.com is not in any way affiliated with Honda Motor Company. HONDA > 2010 > PILOT > 3.5L V6 > Ignition > Spark Plug. Which are the OEM makers of your Honda / Acura Spark Plug. SPARK PLUG GAP:.044″ TOOL LIST:Feeler Gauge3/8 Drive RatchetTorque Wrench *Optional10mm socket13/16 Deep Socket13/16 Spark Plug Socket3/8 Drive Long Extension TORQUE SPECS:Spark Plugs 21 ft-lbs A note […] Vehicle » Engine, Cooling and Exhaust » Engine » Spark Plug » Specifications » Torque. I noticed that there were virtually no J Series Torque Spec Threads, so I decided to share for anyone needing this information. …Engine off: 11.5-12v …v6: 1 4 2 5 3 6 Spark plug Gap The GX100 is a small four-stroke gas engine offering superior performance and reliability. Westin running boards, AVS vent visors, AVS bug shield, blue LED interior switches, LED interior/exterior lights, Beamtech 6500k LED headlight bulbs, Weathertech floor mats, Extang Trifecta soft tonneau cover, Pioneer AVH-P4400BH bypassed head unit, Metra Axxess ASWC, JBL Stage 600 mid drivers, Jensen Carbon silk dome tweeters, Jensen Power 400 2ch bridged amp, 10" Boss Onyx shallow sub in custom behind-seat enclosure, FatMat sound deadening, Pyle license plate backup camera. I had thought you already rechecked the plugs after the anti-seize debate. All applications, illustrations and technical information detailed on this site have been assembled based on the latest information available. Fuel Pressure Key on/Engine Off: 47-54 psi, Fuel Pressure at idle ...v6: at idle: 10 psi minimum 1-FREE STOCK GIVEAWAY. To my mind, those two things together, makes it a no brainer with no need for any further consensus. …v6: At 3000 rpm: 71 psi While every precaution has been taken in the compilation of this information, NGK Spark Plug (Australia) Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for … 2007 RTL: 175k+ miles and doing fine! In this video I replace the spark plugs in a 2013 Honda Pilot. Torqued them down to spec and all is well now. Note: If using a torque wrench vs. plug wrench, please refer to the Torque Recommendations chart below. What TW is that laser? Just as an update, I checked the plugs in my wife's V6 Accord today and they, too, were loose. 69. IE, what's the torque range of the wrench you used? …i4: At 3000 rpm: 50 psi 2010 Pilot Technology Reference Guide Honda Remote Engine Starter Quick Start Guide. Use a hex-type wrench that is less likely to slip. Torque 18 Nm (13 lb-ft) Cyl Cylinder Compression Test Pressure(at WOT) Torque Spec Chart - Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plug Online, High … Vehicle » Engine, Cooling and Exhaust » Engine » Spark Plug » Specifications » Torque. NOTE: Dip main bearing bolts and crankshaft damper bolt in clean engine oil prior to tightening. Valve Clearance Inspection. Vapor Canister Purge Valve / Solenoid. Your spark plugs require a much higher voltage than a battery outputs, which is why a 2010 Honda Pilot ignition coil exists to increase this voltage before the current reaches the plug. For best and optimum performance it is always best to go with these plugs. Spark Plug Inspection. How to check or change the engine spark plugs in a second generation 2009 to 2015 Honda Pilot with the 3.5 liter SOHC i-VTEC 24V V6 motor including photo illustrated steps and the replacement part numbers. Radiator Coolant. If 14 lb-ft is down near the bottom end of the range, it is likely very unreliable at that setting. If your coils are wearing out your Check Engine Light may illuminate, and you could also experience symptoms like lowered fuel efficiency, sluggish acceleration, rough idle, and starting trouble. Connect all the wires to the ignition coil. Lucky you found this problem. NOW IS THE TIME TO START INVESTING IN STOCKS. Balance Shaft/Timing Belt Tensioner Nut: 33 ft lbs, Thermostat housing cover bolts: 104 in/lbs, Intermediate shaft bearing support bolts: 29 ft lbs, Balance Shaft Front/Rear Sprocket Bolt: 22 ft lbs/18 ft lbs, Drive-plate to crankshaft bolt: 54 ft lbs, Clutch Master Cylinder mounting nuts: 110 in/lbs, Clutch release cylinder mounting bolts: 17 ft lbs, Subframe Mounting Bolts: 10mm: 47 ft lbs 12mm: 75 ft lbs, Front Damper fork to lower control arm through bolt/nut: 47 ft lbs, Front Lower control arm inner pivot bolt: 47 ft lbs, Front Radius rod to lower control arm bolts 119 ft lbs, Front Radius Rod to cross member nut: 32 ft lbs, Front Damper to Chassis Body Bolts/Nuts: 8mm: 144in/lbs 10mm: 37 ft lbs, Front Stabilizer Bar Bracket Bolts: 22 ft lbs, Front Upper Control Arm Pivot Bolts: 47 ft lbs, Rear lower arm inner pivot bolt: 43 ft lbs, Rear Lower arm to knuckle bolt/nut: 43 ft lbs, Rear Control arm inner pivot bolt/nut: 40 ft lbs, Rear Control arm to knuckle nut: 43 ft lbs, Rear Trailing arm to chassis bolt: 43 ft lbs, Rear Trailing arm to knuckle bolt: 43 ft lbs, Rear Leading arm inner pivot bolt: 43ft lbs, Rear Leading arm to knuckle bolt: 43 ft lbs, Rear Upper arm inner pivot bolt: 43 ft lbs, Rear Upper arm to knuckle castle nut: 36-43 ft lbs, Rear Stabilizer bar bracket bolts: 22 ft lbs, Rear Shock absorber to knuckle bolt: 43 ft lbs, Rear Shock absorber upper mounting bolts: 37 ft lbs, Front Steering Intermediate shaft pinch bolt: 16 ft lbs, Power Steering Pump Mounting Bolt: 16 ft lbs, Tie Rod End to steering knuckle nut: 32 ft lbs, Brake Hose To Caliper Banjo Bolt: 25 ft lbs, Master Cylinder Mounting Nuts: 132 in/lbs, Wheel Speed Sensor Bracket Nut: 84 in/lbs, Front Caliper Mounting Bolts: i4: 54 ft lbs v6: 36 ft lbs, Front Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolt: 80 ft lbs, Rear Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolt: 28 ft lbs, Engine Mount Engine Bracket Bolt: 33 ft lbs, Engine Mount Insulator Through Bolt: 40 ft lbs, Mount To Chassis Bolts: 28 ft lbs Choose from 12 Spark Plugs products and you’ll have your 2010 Honda Pilot back on the road in no time. None of them were hand-tight, but none were anywhere near what I would consider to be tight. Engine Mount Bolts: 28 ft lbs, Front Engine Mount Engine Bracket Bolt: 28 ft lbs, Rear Engine Mount Engine Bracket Bolts: 28 ft lbs, Front Engine Mount Bracket (M/T) : 40ft lbs, Front Engine Mount Bracket (A/T): 40 ft lbs, Oil Pan Pickup Tube *Baffle Screen*: 8.7 ft lbs, *[BUY PARTS] …v6: 28 ft lbs LESS THEN 500 REMAINING! All, I replaced my spark plugs last November when I had 108k miles. Upload. 68. Our 2010 Honda Pilot Spark Plugs products start for as little as $4.69. …v6: vacuum hose detached: 41-48 psi Honda Pilot Spark PlugPart Number: 98079-5514N Spark Plug (Pzfr5F-11) (Ngk) Vehicle Specific Fits the following Honda Pilot Years: 2004 | 5 Door EX, 5 Door EXL, 5 Door EXL (NAVIGATION), 5 Door EXL (RES), 5 Door LX | KA 5AT, KL 5AT View and Download Honda 2010 CRF250R service manual online. Example: brake instead of ceramic brake. Did you not check them or did you just assume they were ok because they were recently changed? CLAIM MY FREE STOCK NOW, NTHEFASTLANE'S Top Recommended Automotive Items, CYLINDER HEAD V6 J30-J32-J35 & I4 TORQUE SPECS, Cylinder Head Stud Bolts: Step 1: 29 ft lbs Step 2: 51 ft lbs Step 3: 72.3 ft lbs, Valve cover bolts: 8.7 ft lbs (104 in/lbs), Intake…i4: .009-.011 inch…v6: .008-.009 inch. Torque them to 18 Nm (1.8kgf m, 13 lbf ft)." Step One. OIL/TRANSMISSION/ANTIFREEZE FLUIDS, Engine Oil with Filter V6: 4.6 quarts I4: 4.5 quarts, Auto Transmission Fluid V6: 3.1 quarts I4: 2.6 quarts, Coolant V6: 5.9 quarts I4: 5.7 quarts(auto) 5.8 quarts(manual), Fuel Pressure Regulator Torque 18 Nm (13 lb-ft) 2010 Honda Accord V6-3.5L. Be careful to not strip out the threads by putting the nut-buster super-grip tightening wrench of death to it. I had used anti-seize on these as well and scraped/wiped it all off before I put the plugs back in. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. Do not swap the electrical connectors; they need to go back in the same exact position as before. …i4: vacuum hose detached: 47-54 psi ngksparkplugs.com Save Share. Here is finally a really detailed look into each and every plug made by NGK & DENSO. …v6: 22 ft lbs I could only feel a very slight shaking with her car before, but it's gone now. …i4: 108 in/lbs 100% NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Typical Honda spark plug torque is: to 13 ft/lb, 156 in-lb, 17.63 Nm. Torque the spark plug. TORQUE. …Minimum: 135 psi ..v6: 10 Degrees +/-2 BTDC in Park or Neutral, NTHEFASTLANE'S Top Recommended J-series Performance Parts. …Engine on: 13.5-15v, Ignition Timing After reading many times about different plugs and seeing new ones come out. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014), http://www.amazon.com/Neiko-4-Inch-...8914237&sr=8-2&keywords=neiko+1/4+inch+torque, http://www.amazon.com/Neiko-Professional-8-Inch-inch-lb-Automatic/dp/B000N7AWRG/ref=pd_cp_hi_1, http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?R=CHQETW38_0151389697, Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada, ridgelineownersclub.com is an independent Honda enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. The Owner's Manual explains the various features and functions of your Honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care and maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes comprehensive technical specifications. Remove information such as make, year or model. 99 Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. Spark Tester. Honda Spark Plug Tech Guide. ... Clutch/Kickstarter/Gearshift Linkage Torque Values. This video shows step by step instructions to replace the spark plugs on a 2.4L Hyundai Sonata or any other Hyundai car that has the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. …v6: 630-730rpm 2010 Honda Accord L4-2.4L. Platinum (lasts up … J32 Acura TL Service Manual also! Spark Plugs 5. Learn more on our resource page. Trades done with: dluther, sparky567,Danowolf, Jazmyn, Jlb, Landscape Doctor, Xridgelinex, 2008 Ridgeline RTS in Billet Silver Metallic. Sign In. Contact us and we'll find it for you! On page 4-22 of the FSM, Honda very clearly says "Apply a small amount of anti-sieze compound tp the plug threads, and screw the plugs into the cylinder head, finger tight. Step-by-Step Instructions Tapered Seat Plugs. Idle Speed 2008 Ridgeline RTS Billet Silver Metallic in High Point, NC. I know this is an old thread, but I figured I'd update it. The 2010 Honda Pilot has 2 problems reported for fouling spark plugs. Tighten to recommended torque. Spark plug is inserted at an angle during installation: Excessive tightening torque: Spark plug wrench slipped or used at an angle: Do not use the wrench at first. I do know that most Honda aluminum heads require a spark plug torque of between 13-20ft/lbs. Tips. Use the Champion torque recommendation below as a guide for tightening all spark plugs. NOW IS THE TIME TO START INVESTING IN STOCKS. …0.039-0.043 inch Fuel Rail Mounting Bolts: 102 in/lbs No results found for " spark plugs ".Here are some helpful search tips: Search by a part name. …i4: at idle: 10 psi minimum TORQUE. Install the new plug finger tight, and complete the installation with a torque wrench. Intermediate shaft bearing support bolts: Front Radius rod to lower control arm bolts. Install the ignition coil by pressing them down firmly on the spark plug. ….i4: 1 3 4 2 Fuel Pump Max Pressure: 65 psi, Battery Voltage Front Steering Intermediate shaft pinch bolt. Official specs and features for the Honda GX100 small engine.