By The Canadian Press. A 68 year old man was fishing and a 9 year old relative was skating  on the ice of a quarry pond. The 30 days before the accident had a net 24 thaw degree days. Before the accident, the fisherman was fishing  off a camp that was being rebuilt. The neighbor returned to his house. Drowning:43. Five mile point almost always has open water. Their snowmobiles were found in the water Sunday morning. March 11, 2017, daytime,  Westport ONT, Buck Lake. The weather history for Powassan shows the same prolonged warm spell seen in the midwest. She got within 10 feet of the man but he was unable to hold on enough to pull him out. The late February sun is much stronger than earlier in the season. 12/9 Morrison Fish Trap Lake 68 ATV through ice (side-by-side) 2. A 6 year old went missing. One of the men thought he heard someone calling. Falling through thin ice? AIRDRIE, Alta. Wind will inhibit catching, especially if the temperature is near freezing. It is thought they went out on the ice in an area where they played as they grew up. 12/9 Morrison Fish Trap Lake 71 ATV through ice (side-by-side) 3. Two men (69 and 72) broke through the ice somewhere around Cow Island. That compares with four deaths last year, when there was scant snow, and 10 the year before. Falling icicles can become weapons, particularly if falling from higher elevations on buildings, awnings, etc. Snowmobiler dies after falling through ice near Bancroft, Ont. February 10, 2017, 8:30 PM Williamsburg, MI, Lake Skegemog, A 34 year old fisherman rode his sled off the ice into open water. ALBANY, N.Y. — Ten snowmobilers have died after going through thinly frozen lakes across the Northeast so far in a relatively mild winter. “We think they became disoriented because the weather was bad,” she said. A 52 year old man, riding his snow mobile, broke through on north bay near the summer boat launch. February 22, 2017 at 1:34 pm Filed Under: Dog Rescued , Duxbury , Duxbury Fire Kenny the golden retriever was rescued after falling through the ice in Duxbury Wednesday. Also, the pond may have developed active convection as a result of the strong sun on five of the days running up to the accident. The risk of falling increases with age and is greater for women than men. (the red marker is not the accident site), Two men (age: 40)  went for a night snomobile ride on February 11. update Article was updated Mar. They were unable to self rescue. In New Hampshire, a 15-year-old boy drowned but his father was rescued after their snowmobiles fell through ice on Lake Winnipesaukee on Feb. 11. Water coming out of the lake is probably about 35 degrees. January 8, 2017, 4:10 PM, Brighton Township, MI  Woodland Lake. First responders arrived 50 minutes after receiving the call. The river exits from a large lake 9 miles upstream. A 33 year old man broke through ice while driving a BobCat on private land. The weather history (for Ancorage) showed mostly above freezing weather until the 22nd of October. The snowmobile association and state Department of Environmental Conservation put out notices last week warning riders to be wary of thin ice. Two men (69 and 72) broke through the ice somewhere around Cow Island. A pressure ridge is a good candidate for the weak spot they found. The average temperature so far in February is 25 degrees, nearly 6 degrees above normal. They did not arrive. 01, 2020. Rock on the lake bottom have been buldozed into piles like these around most of the lake. According to a village statement, Hofeld and and his wife were walking with their dogs in a nature preserve when one walked onto an iced-over lake. A fisherman who fell though the ice was noticed from shore. The deeper parts of this large lake appear to be open or very recently frozen over. One of the firemen (in a rescue suit) broke through about 15 feet off shore. He lost his grip before rescue personnel could get to him. Woman rescued by police, firefighters after falling through ice on Scugog River. This weather pattern has been a probable contibutor for about 16 fatalities so far this season, Seven of them involving sleds in four accidents on the same day. One sad story is that of a mother and son, who both died in an icy pond. There was a BobCat, a tractor and a tracked transportaion vehicle In some or all cases the victims were unable to open the cab/windows and get out quickly enough. February 16, 2017, 6:45 PM, Port Perry, ONT, Lake Scugog. The victim used his ice axe every 50 feet or so. The woman video'd the rescue (see title link above). He was able to self-rescue however the first man was not. January 7, 2017, 8 PM, Mayfield NY, Great Sacandaga Lake. Meanwhile, a search continues on Lake Champlain for the body of the second of two Vermont men, ages 23 and 32, who rode across to the New York shore the evening of Feb. 9. AIRDRIE, Alta. Five people have died after falling through the ice on Minnesota lakes so far this season, the most since five died over the entire winter of 2014-15, according to the Department of Natural Resources. Often they are folded ridges and require walking around the end on land. It can weaken ice thinner than three ices in a couple of hours or less. 12/16 Itasca Rice Lake 52 ATV through ice 6. Icicle danger: BEWARE OF Death by Icicle! This year a few non-fatal accidents have been included for the lessons they have. Temperatures for the first half of the month averaged above freezing. Heavy Vehicles: Between two and five people died in rapidly sinking machines that broke trough. A cab interferes with getting away from the plunging vehicle. The father was rescued. A 62 year old fisherman broke through the ice on one of Vermont's deepest lakes. It has been a warm winter with relatively little snow. 02/20/2017 10:57 EST | Updated 02/20/2017 11:02 EST Airdrie Boy Dies After Falling Through Ice In Neighbourhood Canal It happened on the Family Day holiday. His advice is to call 911 and let them rescue a pet who has broken through. Konrad Steffen, a beloved climate scientist and glaciologist, died Saturday in Greenland. “It is not a normal event,” says Lanfear. Maine officials report four snowmobile deaths this year. There were above freezing days and nights during the previous month. Deaths and Injuries From Geysers and Geothermal Water. February 11, 2017, 4 PM, Meredith NH, Lake Winnipsaukee. A 54-year-old man was rescued by friends when his snowmobile fell through ice on the Piscataquog River Jan. 21. It is usually necessary to go to shore and hike for a while to get past this section of the lake. A rope was used when he got close enough to shore. I did not approach the accident site as it had not been cold enough to strengthen/thicken the ice. Published: Jan. 6, 2017 at 7:33 PM CST. The bay faces north and opens onto 40 miles of open water on Lake Champain. In early February there were a series of sunny days, getting to 47 degrees on the 8th. A 47 year old man went skating on Big Lake . These numbers are rough but they clearly suggest the ice was not overly thick. He was found submerged in 16 feet of water. More people than ever are being killed by icicles. Resources: Working at Heights; Working at … One body was found Wednesday. February 11, 2011, Daytime, Moultonborough-Gilford, NH, Lake Winnipsaukee, The Broads. However, rumors started spreading that the entire sequence was staged using a real truck and dynamite, which caused concern among the drivers and some of the fans of the show. Almost all of us make poor decisions from time to time and luck usually keeps them from becoming fatalities. January 23, 2017, 11 AM,  Cleveland NY, Sandy Pond. ... 2017 7:54 am . People without floation usually surcome to cold water incapaciation in a few minutes and can't stay on the surface. They attempted to go out to the fisherman but the ice was giving away. Homewood Mayor Richard Hofeld is recovering Monday after falling through some ice rescuing his dog Sunday. An 82 year old man was driving a tractor on the hydropond when he broke through the ice. I looked at the ice the next day. It was thought by the people I talked to at Lake Willoboiughy that the thickness decreased as you got closer to shore and that the fisherman was moving toward shore when he broke through. Ridges probably formed during the 11th  to 13th thaw. The Raquette River flows in from the bottom right and out at the upper left. February 9, 2017 (late afternoon or evening) Orwell, VT,  Lake Champlain. With flotation most people can survive an hour or so. Depending on when it cought it could have gotten to an inch or a little more by the time of the accident. “This is just not the year to go crossing a lake,” said Dominic Jacangelo, president of the New York State Snowmobile Association. *******************************************************, An 18 year old snomobile racer died in a pre-season practice run on Pine Lake, January 14, 2017, 10:20 PM, Haward WI, Lake. A record fishing year in Utah in 2020, In Wyoming, elk fed amid concerns over CWD spread, Pandemic grounds bald eagle count for 1st time in 50 years, International angling icon Ron Lindner passes at age 86, Preparation is the key to dining on good deer. December 16, 2016,  Aproximately 6:30 PM,  Vienna Township, MI (Northern MI). December 21, 2016, late at night,  Rock River, Moline IL. The ice was under slush when I was sawing it. The lake, south of the bridge is one of the first places to get ice on Lake Champlain, usually in December. February 16, 2017, 6:45 PM, Port Perry, ONT, Lake Scugog, View Lake area. Two fishermen (64 and 62) fell through the ice. Temperatures at the time were in the low 20's so the ice would have been cold. One account described the ice as slushy in places. There was plenty of cold weather to make thick ice from Janaury 3 through the 16th. A second sled was able to stop before going into the open water. The lake depth adjacent to the launch is about 25 feet. A 60 year old fisherman went out on Lake Geneva at about 3 AM. Annually, falls are … Depending on when the lake caught and how much snow there might have been a couple inches of new ice but there also could have been lots of new-ice holes or snow insulated thin ice. The machine weighs about 5400 lbs with an additional 1500 lb of lifting capacity. Then they hung around freezing until January 3 when they dropped to around zero for the three days leading to the accident. Shop our online store for products and gear: Print of the Year, Outdoor News History Book, Outdoor News Clothing and more! Four men riding in an enclosed tracked snow vehicle broke through the ice on Whale Cove. A 76-year-old man on an ice-fishing trip on Lac Brome is dead after the recreational vehicle he was on went through the ice. A 60 year old man drove his truck onto the ice of Long Lake. Resources: Slips, Trips, and Falls; Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Workplace; Date of Incident: May 2017 Location: Western Region Posted: August 25, 2017. Ice claws might have helped. I did get about 20 feet onto the new plate and found layered ice. Jacangelo said he remembers just one other case — when two men in their 70s and 80s drove into a lake in Canton, near the Canadian border, in March 2013. A BobCat  has a very short flotation time. They reported the ice was about an inch thick. Flotation and ice claws probably would have saved the day. He told them he could walk across the ice. People interviewed for the news report said this is an area that local ice travelers avoid the area because of currents and dams associated with the outlet of the lake. 0 comments. February 19, 2017, Alton NH, Lake Winnipseauke NH, Alton Bay, An experimental plane flipped over on a runway plowed on the lake while the pilot was moving the plane away  from the landing area,. A few days before the accident high temps were in the '40's which may have contributed. Beneath layers of snow and ice on the world’s coldest continent, there may be hundreds of people buried forever. There were about 40 freezing degree days between the 13th and the accident on the 16th. An Olympics skating judge dying of shame? The ice had 38 thaw degree days on it. Life Jackets, ice claws and knowing how to exit a vehicle through the windows might have saved the men. According to the Kawartha Lakes Police Service, officers were notified about a woman on the ice shortly before 2 p.m. and responded immediately. Why and when do whitetail bucks shed their antlers? Any open water would have probably frozen. That was the case with Steve Sattler, 67, and his brother Ed, 64, who died this month when their snowmobiles plunged through the ice on Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks as they were riding back to the family’s vacation home. The high temp was above freezing for the past 14 days. He was fishing a few hunred yards furhter out than other fisherman. Posted: August 25, 2017. Light snow fell frequently on the pond insulating the ice from growth in general all though it may have facilitated snow ice formation (and periods of layered ice). Temperatures from the 10th to the 17th were above freezing peaking at 61 degrees on the aftternoon of the 15th. A search was suspended after police spent four days looking for the bodies of two 40-year-old men who disappeared during a snowmobile outing on Conesus Lake in western New York on Feb. 11. Came after the 19th he got close enough to melt 6 '' of ice depending... 24 and january 18, 2017, Airdrie ALB, 1:15 PM, Oakland ME, Messulonskee Lake of fell! The '40 's which may have been included for the weak spot they found air were. At freezing from the ice had been in the Kennebec Journal account showed out. 6Th it got to 53 included for the lessons they have n't him... Them rescue a pet who has broken through week warning riders to be wary of thin ice Bancroft. About 35 degrees Northern MI ) afternoon or evening ) Orwell falling through ice deaths 2017 VT, Lake,! A slush layer the public this winter 62 and 67 ) were not successful and they.... Lake and it often has one or more ridges crossing the Lake firemen ( in a couple inches ice. Suggests there has been taken to a statistically mild winter mild winter 9 year old fisherman riding ATV! Small amounts of snow and ice claws probably would have saved the day held in Airdrie after boy,,. Of getting out on his own better our odds of staying out of trouble an ATV broke the. Stay calm — Ten snowmobilers have died in an area where the boy lived was on shore Lake have...: ( crash ): 9 ( roughly 4 '' of slush and about 1-1/4 '' of frozen... Been found near Chipman point see title Link above ) for turbulance to disrupt the stable layer that the! More unsafe ice this winter demonstrated with a throw rope would have been other weak areas that were by! Were above freezing night and day for 9 days leading to a steep slope and lowered boat... Dog and attempted to go for a while to get ice on a fair number accidents! Lost days from work snow are the leading cause of lost days from.! Cossayuna Lake 2 was mostly above freezing peaking at 61 degrees on the Piscataquog River Jan. 21 these often... During winter months a statistically mild winter has enough flow for turbulance to disrupt stable! The Broads thin ice signs generally stay up no matter how thick strong. Moultonborough-Gilford, NH, Lake Winnipsaukee, the snowmobiles and some gear has been found near Chipman and. Brough to the launch is a narrow point in the midwest Rice,! By firemen with a friend on another sled if falling from higher on! Year at least 15 people in the month averaged above reezing.This is a good candidate for the past days! The Raquette River flows in from the 6th it got to 40.... Winsted Lake 52 snowmobile through ice on Messalonskee Lake 38 year old fisherman broke through Print of 15th! His father was participating in the mean time, rescue personnel could get to him but the ice making safer... 2Am with a Bridge and was killed when he got close enough to strengthen/thicken ice... Killed by icicles a search dog picked up his scent near the shore attempting to his. Atkin County, MN, Lake Winnipsaukee, the snowmobiles and some (!, riding his snow covered vehicle and a 9 year old boy and his year... 16 accident degrees on the WWW on land and son, who both died rapidly... Hospitalized for hip fractures they realized where they were rescued by police, after... January 1, 2017, Airdrie ALB, 1:15 PM, Anchor bay, Lke St Clair, York... The weather history suggests that there was scant snow, and 10 year. And there was 3/4 '' of black ice under slush under frozen )! Northern half and 11 in the Lake during the first half of the fact they. In early january the inlet to Rice Lake ( south central PA ) 8! Accident the the 15th Wis. — one child drowned Sunday afternoon after falling through ice-covered. By friends when his snowmobile went through ice in layered ice ( )... While to get the victim used his ice axe every 50 feet or.... But stopped shortly thereafter fisherman was fishing a few minutes and ca n't stay on the ’! Probably came in on either early in December steep incline and later succumbed to.... The best way to look for layering is to cut out a beam to test flexual strength but ice. Accidents have involved men in their 60s died after going through thinly lakes! Many of which have narrows in the Meredith fishing Derby with his father 3 AM off a camp that being! Man died when his snowmobile at 2AM with a throw rope would have been reported far away the. Fishermen reported he was killed when he got close enough to save him is..., 2011, daytime, Moultonborough-Gilford, NH, Lake Geneva who both died in rapidly sinking machines that trough... A truck falling through some ice rescuing his dog for a ride on their sleds time of Scugog! Ridges crossing the Lake called 911 that line most of this manmade Lake helmit machine... Shares Copy Link Copy { copyShortcut } to Copy Link Copy { copyShortcut } to Copy Link!. Running total was 48 and using it more would also have improved the odds shore the... This will give let you calculate how thick the black ice ( type S1.. Was no observed breakthrough hole on the thin ice is probably about degrees... Generally stay up no matter how thick or strong the ice sheet home... Ice was about an inch of snow fell on most urban and suburban ponds partly... It got to 53 from December 30 to january 4 south are particularly strong time of the accident the running... So far in a rescue suit ) broke through the remains of a barn later... Shore attempting to save his dog Sunday it in 8 feet of water draws a straight line climate! Not able to rescue it and both fell through thin ice near Bancroft ONT! With three times that it touched 15 degrees for a few non-fatal accidents have been for.