You are gonna have to chain your combos. Always keep in mind the cool-down of the Bombring so that you can use it on the Charm. Usually I see Steel + Asura for tank and last hit bosses, or Finger + Asura for farm and pvp. Spoiler tags will make this easier to navigate as it expands.First and foremost. Build pages focus on the underlying theories behind builds so a Player can make changes as they see fit. The 2x Abysmal Knight Card is the best option for a damage boost vs. MVPs. Rampage Blaster is a good AoE skill since it is really easy to use and all the monster around you get hit. But they never forgot their roots and continue to use their power for righteous deeds calling themselves Suras- also known as Gods of War. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Monk. [Lv 6] : 1100% ATK, +900% ATK (If knocked into wall), 1700% ATK (Against Boss monster). Go for Virgin Statue kahit +5 max tier. Increases 2332.png Rampage Blaster, and 2336.png Knuckle Arrow damage by 30% while under this skills buff. [Lv 2] : (240 + 2%) HP restored, 10% Chance to recover from statuses. Lure a mob then flash combo to regain health. The damage from this skill is based on a percentage of your Max HP and Max SP. This status ailment causes the following effects: To assist in recovering from this ailment: Curse It's easy to obtain since it drops from Anolians can therefore be obtainable in very high refine levels. [Lv 5] : 35% Chance to obtain a Spirit Sphere. A good weapon to pair with these armors/set is either are Thanatos Mace [1] and Crimson Knuckle [2] since these weapons already have high weapon Atk at zero (0) refine. Downtime - one of the downside of Gates of Hell is that you would need spheres as ammunition and it is limited to 15 and you would need to reload your spheres to continue dealing damage. The Npc will require you to Kill 15x. This skills damage is forced to the Neutral property. When you've reached Lv40 in both base and job level, you can change from Acolyte into a Monk as your second class. This skill can not be used at the same time as 2346.png Gentle Touch - Energy Gain. Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by norkmon, Sep 9, 2019. norkmon User. The choice of gear composition will soley rely upon which you prefer, High Damage with Delay in Skill or Medium Damage with a Better Delay in Skill. > Go to Eden > Go to 2nd Floor > Take level 91 - 99 Quest > Glast Heim >. As an asura monk, I don't, as a champ I still don't, as I never build asura for PVP, as you're looking at a more purist spirit build, where you're focusing more on OI and ST as your main attacks. Also I get really lazy. From levels 160+. Cast time is half fixed, half variable. Monk with Ashura build is the most common. Increasing attack-speed(ASPD) by 1 would need about 1 - 20 points into AGI but the actual calculation will depend on the gears and potion you are using. While luring the mobs you will be hit with a couple of attacks and these attacks have a chance of being evaded due to your FLEE, but as the number of attacks increase the chance of evading decreases. Be a team-player and always reserve your Bombring stacks for when Nysori is about to use the Two-Crystal move. This will be your secondary skill or a filler skill when Earth Shaker is on cool-down. [Lv 3] : 25% Chance to obtain a Spirit Sphere. Instant cast when used after Fallen Empire. What skill do I use to regenerate spheres faster without casting Dangerous Soul Collect? Note:I suggest choosing HP focused builds on levels 160+ with the availability of maxed out core skills. Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLevel ÷ 100)]%. If you do not reach max base and job levels from the first quest, join a level 85 gramps party to leech exp until you level to max. The items I have provided are the minimum gears you will need to be able to achieve this build. Go to (Main Office) to change your job to High Novice. On the plus side, this is the most efficient build for taking out monsters out of all the monk builds. [Lv 3] : 850% ATK, 1.0 seconds of immobilized status. This skill really helps evade, lure and formulate formations that will make you and your party attack and defend efficiently. Strike a target for melee physical damage and immobilize them for a short time. Glast Heim St. Abbey (you can go to this dungeon via Warper NPC). If Earth Shaker cannot one-hit-K.O. First of all when making a Sura, one must have a good name and you will probably need 2 to 3 hours thinking of one. This reduction is 20% times the level of Critical Wounds that inflicted it. Success Rate = [{BaseSuccessRate + (DEX + BaseLevel) ÷ 4} − Random(1, 10)]%. this is Amazing! Our class shines best on maps that are filled with monsters, we love mobbing and we love the sound of that BOOM from our skills. Weight (Monster) = (Target_Level × 50 × User_DEX) ÷ 120. Go to Geffen [@go Geffen] > put everything on DEX > go to the left warp portal > kill the, Change to High Acolyte > restart client and relogin back into your character > go back to Eden >. [Lv 8] : 2100% ATK, 2.0 seconds of immobilized status. Payon Villager; Join Date: Jun 2014; Posts: 4; 56 Zeny; View Inventory; Send Money To human07 … tell me the build you want me to write triple blower, 6 digit dmg asura strike build, soul build, vit build, agi build, PvPer (this build is the most expensive out of any ragnarok class Asura Strike is the Monk's ultimate attack that consumes all of their remaining SP to deal massive damage to one target. You receive less exp due to level difference but the density of the monsters will compensate you for it.